Who owns/operates this site? 

I do, Troy Young.  You may also know me as TroyTube on YouTube as I left a nearly 25 year I.T. career in 2015 to pursue a new career in crafting.  I have been creating videos for the past several years to help crafters learn how to use their Cricut and other die-cutting machines, how to use adhesive vinyl and heat transfer vinyl (HTV), and more.  You can read more about my background here.

Free SVG Files?  What’s the catch?

There is no catch.  Over the years I have amassed quite a few SVG files that I created.  I have been incredibly blessed with a business with tens of thousands of customers who are very loyal.  Anytime I can give away files, knowledge, or anything else to pay back the crafting community, I do so.  A lot of the files are fairly simple and you may not even need an SVG file if you can find a clean PNG or JPG file, but I prefer to work with SVG files.  The files I provide are simplified and made for die-cutting using Cricut, Silhouette, and other machines.

What if I’m having problem importing a file?

Cricut – If you are using Design Space and you have problems with the file looking funky after importing it, let me know which file so I can investigate it.  Since some things change over time with Design Space, it could cause an unknown issue to surface.  Also, some of the SVG files may import to Design Space abnormally large and when this happens it will show up in the layers panel but you do not see it on the canvas.  Click on the layer in the Layers panel and then check the Size fields as well as the XY coordinates at the top of Design Space while you have the layer selected.  The SVG is likely abnormally large and you simply cannot see where it’s located.

Silhouette – The most common problem is you cannot import SVG files with the Basic Edition of Silhoutte Studio, you have to upgrade to the Designer Edition.  You can also use Inkscape to open the SVG files and save them as DXF files for use in the Basic Edition.

Is it safe to download files from this site?

Absolutely.  Each file is uploaded personally by me and my systems are protected using Panda Anti-Virus software.  You can’t really get a virus or malware/adware from SVG files and fonts anyway, but sometimes they can be bundled with other files that may infect your computer.  Even though I recommend using Panda Anti-Virus, the best protection is always a well educated user.  There are some so-called security services that are falsely reporting my site has a dangerous site.  The biggest offender is McAfee SiteAdvisor, which is also used by some third-party services.  I have complained and filed a dispute with them.  In addition to these files being protected as described above, this website is scanned for malware daily by Sucuri Site Check and I used several website security add-ons to protect against hacking.  Feel free to go to the Sucuri Site Check and manually run a malware scan if you like.  Incidentally, this goes along with the stance I have long maintained that the worst anti-virus protection out there was McAfee, Norton, Webroot, and Avast.  They are too invasive and try to do too much which causes false positives and performance issues.

Can you help me with a design?

Due to a busy schedule, I am unable to create SVG files or provide remote computer support. Please join our Facebook Group for help in these areas.

Are these images ok for personal or commercial use?

Images are some I made myself, some are basic shapes I downloaded and traced to make an SVG file for cutting.  An example would the starfish.  I downloaded that file from Google Images and traced it.  It’s a basic shape and not something anyone is likely to get upset that I used or made available for others to use–it’s a basic shape.  If they are shapes like that as far as I’m concerned, you are free to use them for personal or commercial reasons. U.S. Military images are trademarked and you may not sell items.  Technically you should not make items with them but I don’t know anyone that is going to complain if you make yourself an item in support of our Armed Forces.  You may not download these files and make them available for sale or for free on other websites.  They are already free, just tell folks to come here and download them.